The 50 best restaurants in the world

From the suave Italian Riviera to the neon-lit buildings of Tokyo, we discover the world's best places to eat.

By Ting Dalton

Published 12 July 2023

With food and travel such a perfect combination, we take a look at some of the incredible destinations that also have the accolade of being home to some of the world’s best restaurants.

While delicious food can be eaten on street corners, in cosy trattorias, beside beach shacks or even in locals’ front rooms – there is something to be said about the fine dining experience.

Those crisply pressed white tablecloths, the pristine tableware and polished glasses, attentive waiting staff and knowledgeable sommeliers who live and breathe fine wines. The exceptional views, the ambience, the excitement of being taken on a culinary journey that has been executed to the minutest of details by chefs who are best in class.

And now it’s official. After a glittering ceremony in June to celebrate the who’s who in gourmet dining, The World’s Best 50 Restaurants were finally revealed.

If you need another other excuse to pack your bag and head off on an adventure, why not also add these award-winning restaurants to your list and make your next travel experience a culinary journey, too?

It was husband and wife team Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon who use lesser-known Amazonian ingredients sourced from the Andes and the Peruvian wetlands that took the number one spot with Central in Lima.

However, the Peruvian capital did extremely well, with four restaurants in total in the top 50. Other South American destinations including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile, also secured themselves a sought-after space on the list.

Spain, considered one of the greatest culinary destinations in the globe, bagged itself the most accolades, with six restaurants on the list – including second and third spots, in Barcelona and Madrid respectively. The rest of Europe fared extremely well, with England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Copenhagen and Austria making an appearance.

Asia saw six places in the top 50 – with Den taking the first of two in Tokyo, followed by two Thai offerings in Bangkok, one in Singapore and one in Hong Kong – The Chairman – just sneaking in at fiftieth place.

And if you’re wondering why previous winners, and well-loved establishments including Noma in Copenhagen, the Fat Duck in Bray, Mirazur in Menton, and El Bulli in Roses, haven’t made the cut, it’s because restaurants are allowed to win the top prize just once. These elite few are now considered the Best of the Best… So, even if you’re lucky enough to sample even a small fraction of the culinary genius listed below, you can still add another nine exceptional restaurants to your wishlist…

Happy eating – and happy travels.

  1. Central (Lima, Peru)

  2. Disfrutar (Barcelona, Spain)

  3. Diverxo (Madrid, Spain)

  4. Asador Etxebarri (Atxondo, Spain)

  5. Alchemist (Copenhagen, Denmark)

  6. Maido (Lima, Peru)

  7. Lido 84 (Gardone Riviera, Italy)

  8. Atomix (New York City, USA)

  9. Quintonil (Mexico City, Mexico)

  10. Table by Bruno Verjus (Paris, France)

  11. Trèsind Studio (Dubai, UAE)

  12. A Casa do Porco (São Paulo, Brazil)

  13. Pujol (Mexico City, Mexico)

  14. Odette (Singapore)

  15. Le Du (Bangkok, Thailand)

  16. Reale (Castel di Sangro, Italy)

  17. Gaggan Anand (Bangkok, Thailand)

  18. Steirereck (Vienna, Austria)

  19. Don Julio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  20. Quique Dacosta (Dénia, Spain)

  21. Den (Tokyo, Japan)

  22. Elkano (Getaria, Spain)

  23. Kol (London, England)

  24. Septime (Paris, France)

  25. Belcanto (Lisbon, Portugal)

  26. Schloss Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)

  27. Florilège (Tokyo, Japan)

  28. Kjolle (Lima, Peru)

  29. Boragó (Santiago, Chile)

  30. Frantzén (Stockholm, Sweden)

  31. Mugaritz (San Sebastian, Spain)

  32. Hiša Franko (Kobarid, Slovenia)

  33. El Chato (Bogotá, Colombia)

  34. Uliassi (Senigallia, Italy)

  35. Ikoyi (London, England)

  36. Plénitude (Paris, France)

  37. Sézanne (Tokyo, Japan)

  38. The Clove Club (London, England)

  39. The Jane (Antwerp, Belgium)

  40. Restaurant Tim Raue (Berlin, Germany)

  41. Le Calandre (Rubano, Italy)

  42. Piazza Duomo (Alba, Italy)

  43. Leo (Bogotá, Colombia)

  44. Le Bernardin (New York City, USA)

  45. Nobelhart & Schmutzig (Berlin, Germany)

  46. Orfali Bros (Dubai, UAE)

  47. Mayta (Lima, Peru)

  48. La Grenouillère (La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil, France)

  49. Rosetta (Mexico City, Mexico)

  50. The Chairman (Hong Kong)

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