What to wear on a Nile cruise

If you're planning to go on a Nile river cruise, but aren’t quite sure what to wear, here are a few pointers about packing.

By Saga team

Published 6 May 2024

The wide, flat and gentle waters of the Nile are a wonderful setting for a cruise. Not only do you have good sailing conditions, a beautiful climate and attractive views – you have ancient history on your doorstep.

Travel with Saga to Egypt and discover the Valley of the Kings, the Temples of Karnak and Luxor and the monumental Aswan Dam.

By night enjoy the balmy climate, fantastic on-board service and the unique experience of voyaging down the world’s longest river.

If you're planning to go on a Nile river cruise, but aren’t quite sure what to wear, here are a few pointers about packing.

It's important to pack a practical wardrobe for your trip along the Nile.

This is a holiday in which you could well be doing a lot of walking and exploring, particularly if you decide to travel in the summertime.

Summer highs in the Aswan and Luxor areas often reach between 38 and 50 degrees Celsius, and overnight lows tend to average in the 20s – hot!

During the winter months, temperatures are very pleasant, but it can get surprisingly cold at night time.

Having the right clothes for different conditions is essential.

Cotton T-shirts are a good item of clothing to have in your suitcase, for both men and women. These can be layered with cardigans, jumpers and jackets on winter trips.

Loose linen trousers are another unisex item in Egypt, they’ll keep you cool and allow you to walk easily whilst exploring ruins and temples.

It’s important to have a good sun hat and a pair of sunglasses, particularly if you have very fair skin.

Ladies can inject a bit of style into their holiday wardrobe with a patterned pashmina. These are excellent for keeping the sun off your shoulders when walking around, plus they double up as blankets if it gets cool on deck in the evenings.

Sensible walking shoes are a must on a Nile river cruise. Many people like to bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots for onshore excursions, which sometimes cover sandy and undulating ground.

Ancient ruins can be tricky to traverse on foot at the best of times, and especially so if you have any mobility issues; it might be an idea to invest in walking poles if you think this will affect you. They usually fold up so that they will fit into your suitcase and day trip rucksack with ease.

If you are worried about walking boots being too hot in the desert, you could opt for walking sandals. Ensure they have adequate ankle support and good grip before purchase – there are plenty of good outdoor stores where you can pick these up.

It's important to note that Egypt is a conservative country and it's always best not to show too much skin if you can avoid it.

Respecting local customs is a key part of responsible travelling and discrete clothing is definitely one to remember in Egypt.

Of course, there will be times when you can expose your skin to the sunshine – on deck, for instance. Just remember to pack the sun cream!

Be particularly aware of what you are wearing in mosques, temples and religious buildings – it's always best to wear clothing that covers your legs and upper arms.

Our final piece of advice is to try not to bring too much luggage – you will still need to go through security at the airport and adhere to any airline baggage weight and size restrictions.

Now that you’ve got some tips about what clothes to pack, you’re ready to get that suitcase out of the cupboard and prepare for your Egypt Nile cruise.

Looking to feel the dry desert breeze from the Sahara and surround yourself with 5,000 years of human history? Explore the magical land of the pharaohs on an Egyptian Nile cruise.

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