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Argentina is vast, stretching over 2,000 miles from the centre of South America all the way down to its famously tapering tip. It’s a beautiful, passionate country, vibrant with culture and abundant natural beauty encompassing saw-toothed mountains, vast glacial lakes and pampas grasslands, as far as the eye can see.

Argentinian cities are spirited and seductive, where honking cars and blaring music contrast with elegant, European-inspired architecture from colonial to Art Nouveau. Dancing and football are deeply rooted into Argentinian culture, just like everywhere else in South America. In fact you’re as likely to see an impromptu Tango in a street café as in one of Buenos Aires’ famous dance halls, and ‘futbol’ is the game of choice in big towns, small villages, beaches, parks, playgrounds… everywhere.

Away from the cities, head north to witness the might of thunderous Iguazu Falls, or go south to the wild, glacier sculpted landscapes of Patagonia. Travel west and you’ll encounter Argentina’s winelands - sipping a glass of Malbec or Pinot Noir in the foothills of the Andes is an excellent way to toast your holiday.

Saga’s holidays to Argentina will see you soaking up the atmosphere in the tango clubs of Buenos Aires, spotting rainbows in the spray of Iguazu Falls and cruising the channels of the Tigre River delta. Walkers will revel in the forested trails around Bariloche and the stunning Patagonia Lake District, while wildlife enthusiasts can head to the Atlantic coast to walk through penguin colonies and spot orca on the Valdes Peninsula. Take a tour of Buenos Aires to find out all about its fascinating history, hop on a lake cruise and travel from Chile into Argentina, then nip over the border to Brazil to see Iguazu Falls from a different vantage point.

Whether you’re interested in architecture, street art, music or just dinner, this switched-on city is a joy to explore. From its monumental central square, Plaza de Mayo, you can walk past the famous Casa Rosada, catch a performance at the spectacular Theatre Colon then saunter into the cobbled streets of the city’s heartland, San Telmo, for prime steak and a glass of malbec. Head to La Boca for a tango show, to the swanky neighbourhood of Recoleta to hit the shops and to tour the famous La Recoleta Cemetery or take in modern art at the MALBA in Palermo.

Vast and beautiful, Argentine Patagonia is a treat for the senses. To the west, along the Andean border with Chile, you’ll find stunning Swiss-style vistas in Bariloche and the Lake District. This region is great for walking holidays in summer and skiing in winter. On the east Atlantic Coast you can visit sleepy Welsh settlements in places like Trelew near Puerto Madryn, or spot marine wildlife such as whales, sea lions and dolphins off Peninsula Valdes.

Further down the Andes Cordillera there is spectacular hiking in the Fitzroy Mountains around El Chalten, and you can also gaze in awe at the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier in Glacier National Park close to El Calafate. Travel further down still and you come to the evocatively named island of Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire) with its southerly capital Ushuaia. Then from there it’s just a short hop to the frozen stretches of Antarctica.

Argentina is a huge country with a varied climate. Bordering Paraguay and Brazil, the northeast is steamy and subtropical with swathes of rainforest and wetlands. In the northwest, bordering Bolivia, dry desert plains are hot in the day, but become decidedly chilly at night, especially once you start to climb up into the Andes Mountains.

The central Pampas has a temperate climate, while the further south you travel the cooler it gets – right down to the sub-Antarctic chill of Patagonia’s southerly tip. The climate in central areas, which includes Buenos Aires, is normally pleasant, but can become hot and humid during the summer. Remember too, this is the Southern Hemisphere, so seasons work the opposite way around.

Spanish is the official language in Argentina, and it’s spoken by almost all Argentinians. However other languages may occasionally be heard including Portuguese, Italian and English.

The official currency is the peso (ARS) which is divided into 100 centavos. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, and you’ll find ATMs in all the large cities.

The UK is four hours ahead of Argentina.

Flights from London to Buenos Aires take from 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Beef, empanadas (savoury pastries), pasta and pizza are popular dishes here, plus, if your trip coincides with the 29th of the month, you may want to join in with the custom of eating gnocchi (potato dumplings). Argentine wine is especially good too, with the Andean region of Mendoza producing many a world-class vintage.

Just like in lots of places around the world, a 10-15% tip is the norm for good service in restaurants and bars. Tipping taxi drivers is not required in Argentina, although many passengers round up the fare to the nearest peso.

You don’t need a visa to travel to Argentina, but your passport must be valid for the length of your stay. However, entry requirements can change so we recommend that you check before you travel. CIBT visas provide a useful tool to do this at Cor you can visit GOV.UK.

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