The best beaches in Montenegro

With its sandy beaches and blue water, it’s no wonder Montenegro is nicknamed the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’. Montenegro is fast becoming one of Europe’s most talked about hidden gems.

By Saga team

Published 6 May 2024

Summers in Montenegro mean long, languid days on the beach gazing at the warm waters of the Adriatic, waters which sparkle across the horizon with a mesmerising diamond shimmer.

Along with the promise of good weather, and that sparkling water, many travellers are drawn to this pretty Eastern European destination for its relative peace and quiet. Coastal highpoints range from family-orientated resorts to secluded bays and coves, ideal for couples on a romantic travel retreat.

Moving inland, Montenegro’s natural beauty continues through many miles of dense forest and sublime mountain scenery. But, there’s no doubt that first-time visitors to Montenegro should head for the coast during their Montenegro holiday and experience the country's best beaches.

With a sunbathing and swimming season that lasts almost six months from May to October, Big Beach is one of the most popular beaches along the Montenegro coastline.

Around 15km long and in places 60m wide, this appropriately named coastal stretch is not short on space. Activities here include surfing, swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding.

The extremely fine sand is rumoured to have restorative qualities; lying in the floury sand at Big Beach is said to help a variety of aches and pains.

Big Beach is also surrounded by pretty wooden houses, trees and some nice restaurants – a nearby nature reserve makes for a good half-day excursion.

Access to the beach is easy from the neighbouring town of Petrovac, and no more than a few hours from the larger towns of Herceg Novi and Kotor – all popular destinations in their own right.

Visit this excellent beach on a hotel stay in Petrovac with Saga. You’ll be able to enjoy the unparalleled views of Montenegro at sunset, which this former fishing town is famous for.

This secluded bay is the perfect place to relax and escape on your holiday to Montenegro.

Framed by towering cliffs and spectacular mountains, Queen’s Beach is only accessible by boat, making it an extra special location.

This unusual and beautiful spot was a favourite recreation area of the Montenegrin Queen Milena. You too will feel like royalty as you sail towards the beach and settle yourself in a sunny spot to enjoy the wonderful view.

Queen’s Beach is located on the Budva Riviera close to the historic town of Budva. With over 2,500 years of history this is the perfect place for a cultural walk on your downtime from the beach. The Old Town of Budva has some fascinating buildings, like the Citadela, plus ancient walls and a lovely view of the sea.

Another Budva Riviera favourite, Bečići Beach is regularly cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Combining unspoilt golden sand with picturesque stretches of pebble and shingle, this 2km long beach is a popular tourist haunt. If you enjoy a social atmosphere and easy access to a variety of bars and seafood restaurants then Bečići will suit your tastes.

There are also lots of paths along the coast that lead to other resorts for travellers who enjoy walking. Once again this is a fabulous place to sit back or stretch your legs and take in the vista; guests here are treated to both stunning views of the Adriatic and a dramatic mountain backdrop.

Relax in friendly surroundings at the Hotel Tara in Becici. Book your hotel break with Saga and enjoy great benefits including the services of a Saga host and airport transfers. We can also help you organise day trips to the historic towns of Kotor and Herceg Novi.

One of the longer beaches along the Budva Riviera, Jaz has become something of a magnet for the music industry. With global acts like The Rolling Stones and Madonna choosing to delight fans at open air concerts in the area, the beach now has a global reputation.

It’s not all rock & roll here though – plenty of relaxing is available too! Jaz Beach is one of Montenegro’s most popular locations for sunbathing and water sports. Adventurous types can have a shot on a jet ski, whilst beach fanatics can enjoy a massage in the sun, or a walk around Budva’s Old Town.

When Jaz is not hosting musicians from around the world it is one of Montenegro’s most peaceful spots. Spend tranquil evenings breathing in the sea air and enjoying the local atmosphere. A real Montenegro highlight.

Sveti Stefan is an unusual and beautiful Montenegro beach and peninsula, home to a unique island village and luxury resort. Discover sandy beaches along this historic stretch of the Montenegro coastline between Kotor and Petrovac.

Enjoy spectacular and contemplative strolls along Sveti Stefan beach to the nearby village, which is connected by a thin strip of land to the Montenegro mainland.

Jutting out into the Adriatic, Sveti Stefan is the kind of glamorous location you might see in a James Bond movie; a picturesque city in miniature with a fascinating history.

A fort was built on the island in 1442, and the island was fortified by walls to provide shelter from Turkish and pirate attacks. Its most recognisable landmark, St Stephen’s Church (after which the island was named), stands on its highest point. Stay with Saga in Petrovac and enjoy a drive to this truly stunning medieval village.

There’s nothing quite like chilling out by the sea. Montenegro is the ideal destination for UK sun-seekers looking for a desirable location and a quick round trip. It takes just two and a half hours to fly from London Gatwick to Montenegro’s international airport, Tivat. For more information on the kind of holidays we offer Saga customers take a look at our Montenegro holidays.

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