Cheetahs resting on the rock in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Wildlife holidays 2024/25

Holidays you’ll go wild for

We think nothing beats the visceral feeling of seeing animals in their natural habitat. And on our wildlife holidays, private tours and escorted tours, not only will you have incredible animal encounters, but you’ll also meet the experts who’ll share their passion – from bird specialists to safari rangers, they’ll help you learn more about these wonderful creatures. 

Imagine the thrill of watching tigers stalk their prey, or a herd of elephants making their way across a river in Kenya. Or scouting for a group of lemurs in Madagascar. From seeing monkeys and Orangutans in the jungle canopies of Borneo to caimans gliding through swamplands of Costa Rica, as well as a few sloths or two, we have some remarkable wildlife holidays. 

In Ecuador and the Galapagos visit the stunning islands on the archipelago that is home to unique wildlife that have evolved over millennia. In South Africa, spot the Big Five, as well as penguins waddling in and out of the sea on Boulder’s Beach. In Spain and some of its most beautiful national parks, watch as hundreds of species of birds migrate across the Gibraltar strait. 

From the gigantic splash of a whale’s fin in the icy waters of Alaska to the swish of a Bengal tiger’s tail in India, our safari and wildlife holidays will get you in the heart of the action.  

Just make sure your camera is ready… 


From Africa’s sprawling savannahs to the lush jungles of India, our safari holidays are designed to deliver close encounters with extraordinary animals and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

African lodges

Bed down in the heart of the bush on our African lodge holidays. They come with all the home comforts, along with luxuries like pools for relaxing in between game drives.

Parks and reserves

We line up all the icons on our wildlife holidays. Think Kruger and Eastern Cape in South Africa, Ranthambore National Park in India, Elephant Hills in Thailand and national parks in North America.

Whale watching cruises

There’s nothing like seeing the world’s most majestic animals in the wild. Our whale watching sailings take place around the world, from remote Alaska to Canada’s Vancouver Island.

Birdwatching hotel holidays

Our dedicated birdwatching getaways take you to beautiful wildlife hotspots in Spain and Montenegro. With one of our specially selected hosted hotels as your base, you’ll enjoy excursions with an expert guide.

Nature and conservation holidays

Discover an all-new way to holiday with Saga, with downtime combined with giving back via planting trees and shrubs and keeping tabs on native birds and animals at a local nature reserve.

It all depends on the type of animals you want to see. Here’s where to spot majestic creatures like tigers, elephants, bears, lions, and whales in some of the world’s most incredible settings.

Where to see tigers

If you want to catch a glimpse of a tiger on holiday, then consider the forests and grasslands of Ranthambore National Park in India. Alternatively, if you’re heading north of India and into Nepal, the UNESCO-listed heritage site of Chitwan National Park is home to around 120 of these amazing mammals.

Where to see elephants

You can interact with Asian elephants in chain-free bush camps near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. You can also see wild elephants close to Kerala in Southern India. African elephants are mainly found on big game safaris in the national parks of Kenya, Tanzania and Nairobi.

Where to see bears

British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is the best place to see black bears in Canada. Knight Inlet, on the other hand, is all about the grizzlies and Canada’s Churchill region is the southernmost spot for permanent polar bears. Grizzly and brown bears can also be seen in the woodlands of Alaska, USA.

Where to see lions

You can see lions on a big game safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Masai Mara in Kenya is another great setting to watch lions in Africa as is the sensational Serengeti National Park in Tanzania – especially during wildebeest migration season.

Where to see primates

The best place to spot primates, especially orangutans, in their natural environment is Borneo. Monkeys are also prevalent in the cloud forests of Costa Rica with Corcovado National Park home to four different species. Madagascar is where to watch the oldest primate species on the planet, lemurs.

Where to see whales

Vancouver Island is the best place to see whales in Canada. You can also watch whales within the fjords of Alaska as well as around the South Pacific coastline of New Zealand. And, if you’re looking to watch whales where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean, head to South Africa.

Are the wildlife holidays guided?

It depends on the holiday type you choose. Our escorted tours include a knowledgeable tour manager who’ll be in tow on all your excursions and, on some of these, there’ll be an additional specialist guide.

On our hosted hotel holidays, you’ll have a Saga host based at your accommodation, along with an expert guide for themed excursions. Our Travel-Made Travel collection is designed for independent travel, but lots of the excursions will include a specialist guide.

Are the wildlife trips good for solo travellers?

Absolutely. Many of our wildlife holidays have specific solo departure dates for single travellers. Get in touch to find out more.

Are the wildlife holidays all-inclusive?

The inclusions on our wildlife holidays vary by holiday type. Take a look at our individual holiday pages or call our friendly travel consultants for more information.

Do you offer tailor-made wildlife adventures?

Our Tailor-Made Travel range includes wildlife experiences such as whale watching and safari adventures. These holidays are independent and customisable by you. Find out more here.

Are your wildlife holidays only for over 50s?

Our Tailor-Made Travel collection welcomes all ages, and includes independent wildlife holidays in hotspots like South Africa, Costa Rica, Canada and Australia.

Birdwatching holidays

Featuring visits to a variety of birdwatching sites and accompanied by an experienced host who has a passion for ornithology, these birdwatching Special Interest holidays are not to be missed.

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